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Cats, Bicycles, and Redwoods


I live with my wife Moira, and our two cats, Lottie and Luigi, in Gilroy, CA.

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You see, I've really been a cat lover since the beginning...

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I also have a brother, and two sisters.

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Bicycling.  We just can't get enough.  One of our favorite rides is the Tour of the Unknown Coast, a 100 mile trek that begins in Ferndale, and winds through the giant redwoods of Humboldt county to the ocean and back.  Here we are arriving, the afternoon before the ride.

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There is nothing like a bike ride through the Tall Tree forest early in the morning.  It is so quiet and peaceful. The stillness is occasionally broken by muted birdsong echoing down from some 300 feet above.

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The age of many of these redwoods is well over 2,000 years.   Just think, they have stood here since before Christianity.  How could we cut them down?

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Here, we've emerged from the forest into the open country by the shore.

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At mile 80, we come to the main challenge of the ride, "The Wall," a climb that reaches a maximum grade of 22%.

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But, there are many other wonderful rides.  Here is my favorite road on the Grizzly Peak Ride.

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HEY!  Where's the bike crossing sign?

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These last  scenes are from Big Basin Park, and Summit Road.  Bicycling just doesn't get any better than this.

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