Aaron is a Senior Scientist and Principal Investigator of MBARI’s Seafloor Processes Lab. His main research interest is seafloor geomorphology, in particular the formulation and application of numerical techniques to better understand the evolution of submarine landscapes. During the past 15 years he has carried out in-depth analyses of a range of seafloor landforms, primarily associated with erosion and deposition in continental shelf and slope settings, and their interactions with tectonics, volcanism, sea-level fluctuations, fluid flow systems (offshore groundwater, free gas, gas hydrates) and human activity. This work has been communicated in the form of articles in scientific journals and presentations at international conferences, as well as in the form of newspaper articles, television interviews, podcasts, video animations and websites. Aaron has previously worked at GEOMAR (Germany), University of Malta (Malta), and University of Barcelona (Spain), and has participated in more than 30 oceanographic expeditions. Aaron’s educational background includes a MSc from the University of Oxford and a PhD from the National Oceanography Centre, University of Southampton (UK). Aaron is also chairperson of the International Association of Geomorphologists Working Group on Submarine Geomorphology, and a European Research Council grant laureate.

At MBARI, Aaron’s work focuses on developing new approaches to study active seafloor processes at fine spatial and temporal scales, and their feedbacks with seafloor form and evolution.