As a software engineer in the Support Engineering Group, I develop and support applications and systems for acquiring, storing, and visualizing MBARI collected data.

There are interesting challenges in our effort to glean information from the diverse collections of data that MBARI has the unique capabilities to acquire.

To provide good service I draw on my background in physical oceanography, scientific visualization, and my volunteer service at the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

Before coming to MBARI in February 1996 I worked for 11 years at the Naval Postgraduate School, the last few years of which I spent analyzing and visualizing the output from various versions of eddy-resolving global ocean circulation models.

On every other Thursday afternoon I get to feed the fish in the Aquarium’s Kelp Forest Exhibit.

MBARI Projects – Future, present, past…

STOQS, The Spatial Temporal Oceanographic Query System

California coastline, for use with Ocean Data View

3D Dive replay, as seen at the Web3D-VRML 2000 symposium in Monterey, CA
MBARI Expedition database, (internal) current project in 1999
MBARI Samples database, (internal) current project in 1998
Web site redesign, 1997
CanyonHead extra-net, (internal) 1997