Dave is a leader in the realm of seafloor mapping data acquisition and processing. At MBARI he heads the Seafloor Mapping Lab and is deeply involved with development of seafloor mapping technology including the Low Altitude Survey System, the Mapping AUVs, MB-System software, and Terrain-Relative Navigation. These advances have become integral to many research efforts at MBARI and beyond, including at Axial Seamount and the seamounts off California, the California, Cascadia and Canadian Beaufort Margins, the Mid-Atlantic, Juan de Fuca, and Gorda Ridges, and within the Gulf of California.



Dave heads the Seafloor Mapping Lab at MBARI and the work on MB-System and the Low-Altitude Survey System. He provides guidance to the groups working on the Mapping AUVs, Terrain-Relative Navigation, and Seafloor Mapping Database , and works closely with the CoMPAS, Continental Margin Processes, Seafloor Processes and Bioinspiration Lab teams.