Jerry’s position here at MBARI is a Machinist / CNC programmer. Jerry sets up and programs complex parts on the CNC Mills, CNC Lathes, manual equipment and 3D printers. He works directly with engineers, scientists and ship personnel to develop and create parts, modify parts or fix parts that will meet their needs. Jerry builds parts by many different methods such as verbal instructions, sketches, blue prints or solid models off the computer by using various materials for the best results for their applications.

Jerry came to MBARI 10 years ago with 30 years’ experience in the trade. He received his 4 year apprenticeship through the state of California and Cabrillo College. On completion, he has worked in several R&D Machine Shops including Disc Drive Development and Medical Research Development. Over the years Jerry has taken many training courses on various machines and software with Master Cam being the most recent and the software that we use here at MBARI.