Thom is a software engineer and has been a member of the MBARI Engineering Team since Jan 2008. Low power, high reliability embedded systems are his specialty and he enjoys the diverse engineering challenges provided by the work here at MBARI. Though he was hired as a software engineer, he’s also had the opportunity to contribute in the areas of electronic engineering, project management and system level design.

It’s been his pleasure to work on ocean going robots such as the Dorado AUV with artificial intelligence based autonomy, Liquid Robotics Waveglider both the older SV2 and the first customer shipment of the new SV3. Thom helped define the requirements and coached the implementation of the Oceanographic Decision Support System. Working on the FOCE project allowed him the opportunity for pH instrument design that was eventually transferred to Seabird Instruments. He’s also filed and been granted a patent on the use of wireless power and data transfer for use in non-corroding underwater mate-able connectors.

Thom thoroughly enjoys the challenges and adventure of working in, on, under, and with the ocean and the incredible science talent at MBARI.

Thom is married, with children, and enjoys volunteering to help education – some highlights are Carmel High Water Polo, Wrestling, and Swimming, Junior LifeGuards, Balclutha Tall Ship experience. Forest Theatre, Carmel Robotics Club and Team 2035.

Hobbies: ‘Building things’, Photography, Electronics, Genealogy, Mining History, Hot Springs, Gardening, Woodworking, Backroad Trips

Activities: Family, Scouting, Water Sports, Camping, Hiking, Running, Biking.