Brett Hobson is dedicated to developing reliable equipment and technologies that allow scientists 24/7 access to all parts of the ocean. In particular, he is focused on the development of long-endurance mobile vehicles and robotics to support long-term time-series ocean observation.  He is the senior ocean engineer and lead developer for MBARI’s Long Range Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (LRAUV) project. With a proven range of more than 1800 km, LRAUVs can continuously acquire vast amounts of scientific data over an immense range placing them in an endurance category all their own. With funding from NASA, Brett and colleagues from Stanford University are also developing an AUV to photograph, map and sample free-drifting icebergs using terrain-relative-navigation. This iceberg vehicle will be able to navigate back to specific sites and perform bio-geochemical sampling along the way. Brett also led mechanical development for MBARI’s Benthic Rover project. The Benthic Rover established new records for working reliably in an extreme environment operating for more than three years continuously at a depth of 4000 meters. All of Brett’s work aims to help scientists be at the right place at the right time to help solve the many mysteries surrounding the dynamics of the world ocean.