Denis Klimov joined MBARI in 2003 as a Research Specialist in a research engineering group; in 2009 he moved to the instrument development group as an Electrical Engineer. Denis is involved in instrument development for research programs at MBARI on all stages, from concept and development, to implementation and testing; field operations, data validity analysis, documenting procedures to optimize reliability; costs calculation, outsourcing to the outside vendors; test fit and integration analysis.

Recent activities include:

Support for previously developed instruments operated by science groups.

  • Fast-Repetition Rate Fluorometer (FRRf) equipment pool for measurement of properties and status of photosynthetic apparatus on a living phytoplankton cultures,
  • Laboratory Photosynthetic Response Incubation and Manipulation System Incubator (PRIMaS, also known as “Chemostat”) for culturing of phytoplankton and bacteria cell ecology,
  • High-end laboratory spectrofluorometer including capable of measuring spectral absorption, fluorescence, and fluorescence excitation including scattering cultures.

Recent projects and developments:

  • Long-Range AUV (LRAUV): magnetics and navigation; characterization and degaussing; lithium battery pack development; Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR) sensor integration; antenna mast strobe light controller.
  • Benthic Event Detector (BEDs) instrument development and number of deployments in Monterey Bay Canyon to study sediment transport dynamics on the bottom of the canyon.
  • Battery pack development (2015) for Power Buoy, an experimental system designed for harvesting wave energy to operate a suit of scientific instruments.

Denis Klimov holds a Bachelor degree in Engineering Physics and Master degree in Laser Physics from Moscow State University (MSU), Moscow, Russian Federation.

Recent publications:

  • Lopez, Peter, Thomas C. O’Reilly, and Denis Klimov. “Cytometers Set Sail With Sea-Going Mobile Robots.” Marine Technology Society Journal 49, no. 3 (2015): 17-26.
  • Stanway, M. Jordan, Brian Kieft, Thomas Hoover, Brett Hobson, Denis Klimov, Jon Erickson, Ben Yair Raanan, David A. Ebert, and James Bellingham. “White shark strike on a long-range AUV in Monterey Bay.” In OCEANS 2015-Genova, pp. 1-7. IEEE, 2015.
  • Roland Pieruschka, Hendrik Albrecht, Onno Muller, Joseph A. Berry, Denis Klimov, Zbigniew S. Kolber, Zbyněk Malenovský, and Uwe Rascher. Daily and seasonal dynamics of remotely sensed photosynthetic efficiency in tree canopies. Tree Physiology (2014) 34 (7): 674-685
  • Pieruschka, Roland, Denis Klimov, Joseph A. Berry, C. Barry Osmond, Uwe Rascher, and Zbigniew S. Kolber. “Remote chlorophyll fluorescence measurements with the laser-induced fluorescence transient approach.” High-Throughput Phenotyping in Plants: Methods and Protocols (2012): 51-59.
  • Pieruschka R, Klimov D, Kolber ZS, Berry JA (2010) Monitoring of cold and light stress impact on photosynthesis by using the laser induced fluorescence transient (LIFT) approach. Functional Plant Biology 37, 395–402.