The MBARI Oceanographic Decision Support System (ODSS) provides real-time feedback of research activity in Monterey Bay and provides a coordinated view of all ships, vehicles, and instruments involved in MBARI experiments.

We utilize the ODSS for situational awareness, experiment planning, collaboration, and data analysis. In the ODSS, ocean scientists collaboratively design their experiments, communicate with other participants, track asset locations, and command robotic vehicles at sea. Data from these assets are retrieved when communication is possible, stored, then made available for download or playback from a single portal for further analysis either by human or machine learning methods.

R/V Rachel Carson

Autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV)


  Wave Glider

R/V Western Flyer

Long-range autonomous underwater vehicle (LRAUV)

Spray glider



  • Clicking on the double arrow above the left-side “Data” panel will open a list of vessels and instruments under the “Platforms” section.
  • Selecting any of those items will show the location of that particular asset.
  • The “Layers” section shows various other types of information such as sea-surface temperature (SST), satellite chlorophyll measurements, or navigation charts.
  • Dragging and zooming the map will provide different views of the activity in the bay.