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Rob McEwen


  • M.S.M.E., 1988, Stanford University. Specialization: Dynamics and Control. 

  • M.S.E.E., 1982, University of Illinois.  Specialization: Robust Control Design.  Thesis: "Adjustment of Design Parameters for Improved Feedback Properties in the Linear Quadratic Regulator."

  • B.S.E.E., 1978, Purdue University.


Integrated Systems, Inc. (ISI) Santa Clara, CA, 1988-1998.

  • MSTI Spacecraft Attitude Control Design: Attitude control engineer for 3 spacecraft over a span of 7 years.  Flight code project manager for MSTI3.  Responsible for attitude control design, coding, testing, integration, documentation, and post-launch operation.
  • Linear Accelerator Beam Pointing Control:  Contributed to the development of a MIMO minimum variance control algorithm to reduce beam pointing error at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center.

  • Automotive Power Steering Control: Developed a classical, lag-compensation control algorithm and a real-time hardware-in-the-loop simulation for a prototype system at GM/Saginaw.

  • KKV Control Simulation: Simulated and verified control system design for a prototype Kinetic Kill Vehicle.

Lockheed Missiles and Space Co., Sunnyvale, CA, 1982-1988

  • Spacecraft Attitude Determination: Designed and simulated a Kalman Filter attitude determination algorithm based on gyrocompassing.
  • Hubble Space Telescope: Simulated a Sun-pointing safemode system.

DeAnza Community College, Cupertino, CA, 1984.

  • Instructor: Taught "Introduction to Control Systems."


  • "Modeling and Control of a Variable-Length AUV," Rob McEwen and Knut Streitlien.  Unmanned Untethered Submersible Technology (UUST) Conference, 27 August 2001, University of New Hampshire, Durham, NH.

  • "MSTI3 Star Tracker Attitude Determination and Estimation Algorithm," John Farazian, Rob McEwen, and Rick Todd. AIAA Guidance and Control Conference, 29 July 1996, San Diego.

  • "MSTI3 Attitude Control Software Development Using Automatic Code Generation," F. Tubb, R. McEwen, J. Farazian, A. Waddell. AIAA Small Satellite Conference, 29 Aug 1994, Utah State University, Logan UT.

  • "Spacecraft Attitude Control Software Development Using Automatic Code Generation Technologies," F. Tubb and R. McEwen. 2nd ESA International Conference on Guidance, Navigation and Control Systems, 12 Apr, 1994.

  • "Overview of the Miniature Sensor Technology Integration Attitude Control System," R. McEwen. AAS Conference on Guidance and Control, 2 Feb 1993, Keystone CO. Also presented at the Flight Mechanics/Estimation Theory Symposium, 17 May 1994, Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt MD.

  • "Quadratic Weight Adjustment for the Enhancement of Feedback Properties," R. McEwen and D. Looze. IEEE JACC Conference Proceedings, April 1981.