Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute
Jennifer Paduan
Seasick humor

Ode to the "soboL tnioP" *

by Jennifer Paduan

The seas are tempestuous, angry and wild,
With each swell the good ship is tossed.
She rolls, she plunges, she heaves and she shudders;
Bow hammered, fantail awash.

Still, operations proceed on the deck,
The submersible launched along side.
Beauty of sea life is viewed and recorded,
Instruments placed, experiments tried.

Another display of robotics triumphant,
Successes of skill and machine;
Teasing dark secrets up from the abyss,
And exploring where we'd only dreamed.

But I am experiencing technical difficulties:
My heave compensator has failed,
Compiler's in error, signals drowning in noise,
Standard output is over the rail.

Photo by Todd Walsh

* that's "Point Lobos" when read upside down

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