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Jennifer Paduan
My research
pillow lava
Pillow lava, Gorda Ridge
Image © MBARI 2002

Pahoehoe lava flow on land, Kilauea's East Rift Zone
Image © J.B. Paduan 2001

kelp on seafloor
Kelp on seafloor being eaten by urchins, Rodgriguez Seamount
Image © MBARI 2003

Submarine Volcanism

I am a Research Specialist working with Dr. David Clague in the Submarine Volcanism Project, studying volcanic processes at the Hawaiian Islands, mid-ocean ridges, and the seamounts off California. I assist with research cruises, sample prep, databases, GIS, multibeam mapping from ship-board and AUV systems, and publications. I am the webmaster for our group's website, Submarine Volcanism, in which our journal articles are profiled, coordinate our group's expedition log books, and contribute to the Mapping AUV website.

Submarine Volcanism

Seafloor Mapping

My publications and presentations (includes previous work)

at camera controls
At the camera controls for ROV Tiburon
Image © MBARI 2004


My previous work at MBARI

Specimen and data archives - As the MBARI Sample Coordinator, I developed protocols, a database, and facilities for the curation and documentation of specimens collected as part of MBARI research programs.

specimen jar
Specimens in jars
Image © MBARI 2000

Monterey Canyon geology - For several years I worked with marine geologist Debra Stakes. Using the Multiple-Barrel Submersible Drill mounted on MBARI's ROV, cores of the rocks of the canyon walls were collected to improve the geological maps of Monterey Bay and our understanding of the tectonic history of the region. After the cores were taken, instruments were cemented into the coreholes to measure seismic movement.  drill on Ventana
Early version of drill mounted to ROV Ventana
Image © MBARI
Larger image

Coring into Monterey Canyon wall
Image © MBARI 2003
Particle flux - When I first came to MBARI, I worked with marine geologist Cindy Pilskaln and marine biologist Mary Silver studying marine snow using a structured light device mounted on MBARI's ROV and particle flux through the water column by analyzing material collected with samplers on the ROV and sediment traps.  

Aquarium programs

I was a presenter in the Exploring Monterey Canyon program at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. I interpreted for auditorium audiences the images coming in on the live video feed from MBARI's submersibles. In an interactive setting, I described the animals, ecology, adaptations, geology, the research, and the technology to make deep sea research possible.

Jenny "live-linking" at the Monterey Bay Aquarium.
Photo by Randy Wilder, © Monterey Bay Aquarium.
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