Sample screen captures of ROV data visualizations

The YYYYDDD links take you to the Expedition Database page where you can load the 3D replay (Internal access only)

Benthic dive 1999281 (Ship & ROV tracks, smoothed ROV track represented by dissolved oxygen readings made along the transect, 800m terrain):
Yellow line segment indicates a low oxygen zone at the shoulder of a small 50m embankment.

1999281grab1.png (272987 bytes)

Midwater dive 1999084, default selections for 3D replay (Ship & ROV tracks, ROV track colored by dissolved oxygen values):
Easy to visualize the midwater transects and the low oxygen zone (yellow & white colors). The white lines show the horizontal and verical scale. The vertical line is 4 times longer than the horizontal because we have 4x vertical exaggeration.

1999084grab1.gif (54450 bytes)

Same dive as above, but with terrain (timeslider set to about 32 minutes earlier in the dive):

1999084grab3.gif (242181 bytes)

Same dive, 12 minutes later than upper image, zoomed to within 50m of Ventana.

1999084grab2.gif (65038 bytes)


Screen grab taken before software was written to include time time readout on the timeline slider and before we could map measured water properties to the ROV trackline. It shows the use of transparent terrain. This is from Expedition 1999273:

Sample screen shot from R/V Point Lobos expedition on 1999273 (Ventana dive #1684). Terrain is shown with 25% transparency, notice how you can see the ROV model and dive track go below the surface. The vertical bar on the left is a time-control slider. You can click and drag the blue ball to control the positions of the ship and the ROV according to the navigation records. The red rectangle on top of the slider control can be clicked to turn on and off the replay. When it's on it will be green and the Ship and ROV models will move along their tracks at a normal (un-accelerated) speed. All of these visualizations are generated with a 4X vertical exaggeration.