Ancillary Data Products:  Products of the meteorological data, meridionl wind, zonal wind, atmospheric pressure, relative humidity and total ozone, used during the L1A to L2 data processing.

AVHRR : Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer. Launched on NOAA series satellites. Current birds are NOAA-12 and NOAA 14.

FOAM : HP workstation in Communications Room.

HRPT: High Resolution Picture Transmission

IDL : Interactive Data Language. By Research Systems International. An image processing program and language necessary to run SeaDAS or ENVI.

LEPAS: SGI workstation dedicated to image processing and data archives. Dual 180 MHz processors.

** For Detailed information on SeaWiFS Data products, check the Nasa SeaWIFS page.

LO Data : Raw telemetry from the satellite. Contains raw radiance counts from all bands as well as spacecraft and instrument telemetry.

L1A Data : L0 Data processed into radiance values with appended calibration and navigation data, reformatted in to HDF format. L1A data comes in 4km Global Area Coverage (GAC) and 1km Local Area Coverage (LAC) .

L2 Data : Geophysical values for each pixel derived from L1A data. ALso stored in HDF format. L2 files contain 12 geophysical products, and one flag band. The geophysical units include the water leaving radiance's for the SeaWiFS bands 1-5. the aerosol radiance's for bands 6-8, pigments using the CZCS and OC2 algorithms, K490, Tau, and Epsilon values. See the SeaWiFs  page for further detail.

L3 Data : Mapped and binned L2 data products.

NASA : National Aeronautical and Space Administration

NOAA : National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration.

PERL : Pretty Eclectic Rubbish Lister. A useful scripting language that runs under almost any platform.

SeaWiFS :Sea Wide Field of view Sensor. Launched in Fall of 1997.

SeaDAS:  SeaWiFS Data Analysis System. An image analysis package that runs with IDL on IRIX for processing, quality control, and analysis of SeaWiFS data products (L1A through L3) Additionally capable of processing flat files, CZCS, and ADEOS/OCTS data.

System 9000 : Global Imaging program that runs in conjunction with the Telonics ground station to control the flow of satellite telemetry from the dish to L1A files. Also capable of image processing. Very finicky.