Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute
Erich Rienecker
Research Technician

Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute
7700 Sandholdt Road
Moss Landing, CA 95039-0628
Phone: (831) 775-1854
Fax: (831) 775-1620

Erich Rienecker
My Role At MBARI
I am a team member of two labs, those of John Ryan and Francisco Chavez.   In this role I can be called on to work in the lab or at sea, from the coast of california to Peru, or the Equatorial Pacific.

Current Research

Coastal Ocean Processes
Frontal Processes and physical-biological coupling in Monterey Bay
Biological Oceanography Group
Equatorial Pacific moorings
AUV CTD time series measurements
Intermediate Nephaloid Layers
Mooring maintenance

Past Projects

Sediment Trap Studies

More about Erich Rienecker...

Curriculum Vitae
Interesting but not nessisary stuff.

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