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Danelle E. Cline
Software Engineer

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Danelle E. Cline


Through her career at MBARI and previously at NASA Ames Research Center, she has worked on developing scientific instruments to study the atmosphere and the oceans. d.cline in front posterWhat she enjoys most about her work here at MBARI are the multi-disciplinary projects that stem from the diverse people here and the unique peer relationship between science and engineering.  Each new project challenges her to learn new methods, like most recently machine learning and neuromorphic engineering methods.

For more information about the projects she has worked on click on the links below:
Automated Visual Event DetectionAVED dive 2344 stil
Decision Support SystemCANON
Environmental Sample ProcessorEnvironmental Sample ProcessorLaser Raman SpectroscopyRaman


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University of California, Santa Cruz, 1996        M.S. in Computer Engineering
California State University, Fresno, 1992          B.S. in Electrical Engineering


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