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Brian Schlining

Software Engineer
7700 Sandholdt Road
Moss Landing, CA; 95039-0628
Phone: (831) 775-1855
Fax: (831) 775-1620

About Me

I'm a Software Engineer at MBARI working in the Information Engineering group of the Research and Development division.

2015 Projects


Video Annotation Data Management

MBARI has collected over 18,000 hours of underwater video since 1984. Working alongside the research and video staff, I develop systems for assisting MBARI staff with indexing and analyzing this video data.
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Deep-sea Guide (External) Bitbucket JIRA Wiki
VARS (External) GitHub JIRA Confluence
varsqc Bitbucket Bitbucket Wiki
vcr4j GitHub GitHub Wiki


Biodiversity and Biooptics of Zooplankton

Dr. Steve Haddock's research lab studies gelatinous zooplankton in the deep-sea. I am assisting his research by providing data mining tools and analysis techniques for MBARI's large data collections.
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imgcoloranalysis Bitbucket Bitbucket Wiki
imgofinterest Bitbucket Bitbucket Wiki
opencv-imgofinterest GitHub GitHub Wiki


Pelagic-Benthic Coupling and the Carbon Cycle

One of MBARI's research groups, led by Dr. Ken Smith, collect large sets of images in extreme environments using autonomous instrumentation. My role is to develop tools that enable researchers to extract detailed information from these images. This information, in turn, is useful for studying change in climate and carbon cycling in the deep-sea.
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laser-measure Bitbucket Bitbucket Wiki
LaserMeasure Bitbucket Bitbucket Wiki


Investigations of Imaging for Midwater Autonomous Platforms (i2MAP)

One of our tools for studying the deep ocean is the remotely operated vehicle, or ROV. ROVs have proven very capable, however, they require support from a ship and crew. Ship-time is limited, as other researchers need access to the ship too, and it is also very expensive. The i2MAP vehicle is an automous system, i.e. a robot, that does not require a support ship. My role in this project is to integrate the video collected by i2MAP with our existing video data systems.


Midwater Time Series

Between the surface of the sea and the ocean floor lies a vast fluid universe, Earth's least-known environment. MBARI has sophisticated systems that have spent thousands of hours surveying and describing the deep waters of the ocean. I develop tools, technology, and analytical techniques for working with this large collection of data.
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midwater-transects db Bitbucket Bitbucket Wiki
midwater-transects web Bitbucket Bitbucket Wiki


Feasibility Study for Applying Cloud Infrastructure to Data Analysis Problems

As MBARI develops new systems and collects ever larger volumes of data, we are always looking for new methods and techniques to improve our ability to extract information from this data. In this project, we will be evaluating cloud technologies useful for analyzing large volumes of data quickly.

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auv-matlab (Matlab) Bitbucket Bitbucket Wiki
bstoolbox (Matlab) Bitbucket Bitbucket Wiki
esp-image-analysis (Scala) Bitbucket Bitbucket Confluence
EXPD (Java) Bitbucket Bitbucket Wiki
mbarix4j GitHub GitHub Wiki
nctoolbox (Matlab) GitHub GitHub Web
scilube (Scala) GitHub GitHub Wiki
trn-jvm (Scala) Bitbucket Bitbucket Web

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