Grace AhnThe effects of changing ocean and climate conditions on pyrosome carbon transport to the abyssal seafloor. [Paper in preparation]
Lyndsey ClaassenWintertime phytoplankton community composition with clustered water bodies using an AUV dataset. [Paper in preparation]
Sachithma EdirisingheInvestigating the ecology of carbon flux in the water column using a semi-supervised particle classification approach. 
George FabianDeveloping methods for quantifying the contribution of organic carbon in total alkalinity. 
Emma FlatteryMapping and characterizing the faunal community structure of Sur Ridge.
Roy GilboaCoastal profiling float drop weight. 
Manuel GozziHyperparameter evolution for deepsea detection and tracking. 
Dylan HyunAnimating the RV David Packard‘s maiden voyage.
Manaal IqbalInvestigating seasonal variability of Northern anchovy age structure in Monterey Bay, California. 
Emma KellerExploring drivers of Northern anchovy abundance using an eDNA time series. 
Claire LinExpediting motion analysis with deep learning. 
Luke NajarianProgramming design and performance evaluation of a new seawater nitrate and nitrite analyzer.
Olivia O’LaughlinBioRaman: Shedding a new light on deep-sea biota. [Paper in preparation]
Frank PerezThe design and implementation of Lagrangian drifters for shallow water coastal ecosystems. 
Amber PhillipsAdopt-A-Float program benefits scientific community and beyond.
Tim PlayerAccelerating multi-AUV behavior development with faster-than-realtime simulation. [Paper in preparation]
Grant SandersonTemporal and spatial biological variability in Monterey Bay from AUV eDNA samples.
S. SantillanThe effects of deep-sea mining on midwater organisms: a basis for methodology and further study.
Grace AhnThe effects of changing ocean and climate conditions on pyrosome carbon transport to the abyssal seafloor. [Paper in preparation]
Lyndsey ClaassenCharacterizing water bodies in Monterey Bay using Dorado AUV time-series data. [Paper in preparation]
Amanda GannonSnapshots of Sur Ridge: Shedding new light on a deep sea oasis through time lapse photography.
Adam GibbsDeveloping a regional neural network framework to accurately predict ocean pH using glider observations in Central California.
Stephen HuieEstimating primary productivity from diel measurements of oxygen and pH from autonomous gliders.
Katherine IrvingBridging the gap: using Science Communication to build empathy and understanding for an imperiled ocean.
Alexandrea MaciasDaily krill dynamics on the canyon edge. [Paper in preparation]
Emma MonsonOutreach and resource development for GO-BGC’s Adopt-A-Float program
Mackenzie PerilloTemporal examination of the daily and seasonal occurrence of the blue whale A-call in relation to the blue whale B-call in the central Pacific Ocean.
Ethan RamseyThe search for viruses in ctenophore genomes.
Meagan ReasonerSimulink Model Validation: Numerical modeling of the MBARI Wave Energy Converter.
Emma RossoUsing eDNA to observe how marine life responds to changing ocean conditions in Monterey Bay, California
Giovanna SainzMachine learning facilitates the study of gelatinous zooplankton, Benthocodon pedunculata, abundance over six years in the Northeast Pacific abyssal plain.
Yohan SequeiraDeepStereo: A low cost flexible midwater camera system. [Paper submitted]
Katherine TinsmanDesigning a deep sea device to determine if feeding sounds attract scavenging organisms.
Nicholas TrautmanExploring the relationship between zooplankton and climate in the California Current system.
Lael WakamatsuCan zooplankton grazing induce toxic algal blooms in Monterey Bay? [Paper in preparation]
Peyton LeeCreating benchmarks for deep-sea creature detection and tracking models.
Tatjana EllisDetecting “clicks” in hydrophone data and classification using machine learning.
Brooke PaukenVisualizations of deep-sea flows using light field imaging data.
Jill AlexanderCalculating velocities using stereo cameras and optical flow.
Bruno LopezCharacterization of the phytoplankton phenology in the subarctic Pacific.
Ally MorrisTesting the fidelity of global biogeochemical algorithms in the California Current System to study carbon cycling.
Anna HughesCharacterizing changes in upwelling dynamics under anthropogenic climate change with Spray underwater gliders.
Addie NorgaardUsing gliders to study air-sea CO2 flux in an upwelling region.
José EyzaguirreStereo camera calibration analysis for seafloor mapping.
Sierra GarciaWhat makes it stick? Deep-sea fauna awareness and engagement from a social media giveaway campaign.
Francesca AlatorreJellywatch: Examining the physical drivers behind on-shore Velella jellyfish sightings through citizen science.
Lyndsey ClaassenRevealing the Monterey Bay upwelling shadow front using Dorado AUV time-series data. (paper in preparation for publication)
Tina NguyenCharacterization and analysis of ctenophore morphology.
Brooke HaleGlobal coherency of light as a primary driver for coral reef metabolism. (paper in preparation for publication)
Luke DorrianEvaluating the VN-100 IMU/AHRS as an inertial current meter in coastal profiling floats.
Olivia BoeberitzNucleotides to rorquals: Delineating humpback whale distribution with eDNA.
Raksha DoddabelePrototyping a rapid bioinformatics pipeline for eDNA processing.
Madison PickettExploring coherence metric for optimizing topic models of humpback song.
Kristina SamborskiObserving Molidae through eDNA.
Virginia BiedeImpacts of variable carbon availability on a benthic community structure. 
Karen BobierEffects of a Coho Hatchery on downstream eDNA detection.
Jessica BullingtonDigging into DNA: Evaluating propidium monoazide as a tool to remove nonviable microbial DNA from deep-sea sediment cores.
Kyle ConnorSolutions out of thin air: assessing atmospheric calibration of oxygen sensors for underwater gliders.
Maggie CooperBringing light out of the depths: expression and characterization of the Thalassicolla photoprotein. (in prep for publication)
Marisol FigueroaDynamical time-series analysis of midwater communities.
Connor HaleDetermining requirements and analyzing costs for automated classification of deep-sea species.
Madison HeardDeep-sea technology and the public: inspiring engagement via online platforms.
Nathan KeaneAdjoint backtracking of krill hotspots: source water variability in the California Current.
Markus MinCharacterizing the plankton communities of Monterey Bay using eDNA metabarcoding.
Kelsey NicholsThe effect of environmental conditions and predator presence on the metabolic rate of red abalone.
Ethan ParkDeveloping a simulator for collaborating LRAUVs.
Aaron RayTankTrack: a multi-scale tracking system for biological targets in the laboratory.
Riley RettigImplementing arrays and macros for TethysL for a more user-friendly mission scripting language.
Edgar ReyesNo paper submitted
Gabriel Santos ElizondoShark Cafe Cam: The journey to open source.
Vanessa StenversROV observations reveal infection dynamics of gill parasites in midwater cephalopods. Nature Scientific Reports: 12(8282), May, 2022.
Norman SweenMunidopsis density relating to a shift in community composition between time periods 2009-2012 versus 2014-2017.
Charles WatkinsNo paper submitted
Joshua ZahnerVARS Explorer: An exploratory data portal for VARS.