2019 Intern Papers


Project Title

Virginia Biede Impacts of variable carbon availability on a benthic community structure. 
Karen Bobier Effects of a Coho Hatchery on downstream eDNA detection.
Jessica Bullington Digging into DNA: Evaluating propidium monoazide as a tool to remove nonviable microbial DNA from deep-sea sediment cores.
Kyle Connor Solutions out of thin air: assessing atmospheric calibration of oxygen sensors for underwater gliders.
Maggie Cooper Bringing light out of the depths: expression and characterization of the Thalassicolla photoprotein. (in prep for publication)
Marisol Figueroa No paper submitted
Connor Hale Determining requirements and analyzing costs for automated classification of deep-sea species.
Madison Heard Deep-sea technology and the public: inspiring engagement via online platforms.
Nathan Keane Adjoint backtracking of krill hotspots: source water variability in the California Current.
Markus Min Characterizing the plankton communities of Monterey Bay using eDNA metabarcoding.
Kelsey Nichols The effect of environmental conditions and predator presence on the metabolic rate of red abalone.
Ethan Park Developing a simulator for collaborating LRAUVs.
Aaron Ray TankTrack: a multi-scale tracking system for biological targets in the laboratory.
Riley Rettig Implementing arrays and macros for TethysL for a more user-friendly mission scripting language.
Edgar Reyes No paper submitted
Gabriel Santos Elizondo Shark Cafe Cam: The journey to open source.
Vanessa Stenvers ROV observations reveal infection dynamics of gill parasites in midwater cephalopods. Nature Scientific Reports: 12(8282), May, 2022.
Norman Sween Munidopsis density relating to a shift in community composition between time periods 2009-2012 versus 2014-2017.
Charles Watkins No paper submitted
Joshua Zahner VARS Explorer: An exploratory data portal for VARS.
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