Package org.mbari.siam.utils

Various MOOS utility classes


Interface Summary
ManagedRemoteService.StatusListener Interface for components that wish to respond to connection status
ProcessRunnerCallback ProcessRunnerCallback provides the interface to allow the parent thread to get a callback when the ProcessRunner (and hence the exec'd process) has completed.
StaLtaEventDetector.Listener Interface for event listeners

Class Summary
Adcp2Oasis Quick and dirty hack to convert ASCII hex ADCP data from SSDS website to OASIS format for QC by NPS (Fred Bahr).
AsciiTime A utility for acquiring the formatted date and time by passing a simple format string.
BasicSummaryRecord BasicSummaryRecord consists of multiple fields representing numeric values.
ByteUtility Utility Methods for byte arrays/strings
ClientSocketFactory ClientSocketFactory creates client sockets that timeout more cleanly than the default RMI stuff.
DelimitedStringParser Base class for PacketParsers which work on delimited string data.
DeviceServiceLoader Instantiate, initialize, and run a device service.
FileUtils Various file manipulation utilities.
HeadingFilter This filter produces the resulting heading from its two (XY) inputs.
JarClassLoader JarClassLoader provides a minimalistic ClassLoader which shows how to instantiate a class which resides in a .jar file.
JarResources JarResources: JarResources maps all resources included in a Zip or Jar file.
MagnitudeFilter This filter produces the square root of the sum of the squares (magnitude) of its inputs.
ManagedRemoteService ManagedRemoteService creates and manages an RMI SIAM 'RemoteService' proxy associated with the specified name, and periodically checks that the service is still available.
MultiClassLoader A simple test class loader capable of loading from multiple sources, such as local files or a URL.
NodeEventCallbackService Remote NodeService invokes NodeEventCallbackService methods when significant node events are detected; NodeEventCallbackService then notifies local NodeEventListeners.
NodeProbe NodeProbe tests for network connectivity to a specified IP address and port number.
NullNetworkManager NullNetworkManager is a null implementation of org.mbari.isi.interfaces.NetworkManager
OasisTimestamp An adapter class to convert SIAM timestamps (Java time, long ms since epoch) to OASIS timestamps (decimal day of year).
OutputToInstrument OutputToInstrument encapsulates an OutputStream; enforces specified delay between writing output bytes, since many instruments have limited processors which might otherwise be overwhelmed by the incoming characters.
PrintfFormat PrintfFormat allows the formatting of an array of objects embedded within a string.
PrintUtils Print utility class to provide formatted output such as binary hex dumps ( a la MSDOS debug ).
ProcessRunner ProcessRunner provides a wrapper around the Java Runtime.getRuntime().exec() methods.
PuckUtils PuckUtils is a utility class that includes static constants and methods for writing and reading SIAM payloads from PUCKs.
PuckUtils.SiamPayloadParams SIAM payload parameters.
Queue Queue class in which a queue of objects can be removed in the order that they are added.
RangeFilter This filter evaluates the value of its (single) input against a specified range of values.
RangeValidator The RangeValidator evaluates the value of its input against a specified range of values.
ShoreMessagingService Base class for implementations of ShoreMessaging; performs functions not specific to particular modem device.
SiamBufferedInputStream SiamBufferedInputStream is a slightly Modified GNU Classpath BufferedInputStream.
SimulatedShoreMessagingService Simulated implementation of ShoreMessaging
StaLtaEventDetector Detect events based on ratio of moving short-term average ("STA") to moving long-term average ("LTA") of some input data.
SummaryGenerator Generates summaries from a Packet log.
SyncProcessRunner SyncProcessRunner provides a wrapper around the Java Runtime.getRuntime().exec() methods.
SystemCall SystemCall is a simple JNI interface to the C runtime "system()" call.
ThreadUtility Various Thread-related utilities.
TimeoutServerSocket TimeoutServerSocket overrides ServerSocket's accept() method; it sets soTimeout on the returned socket.
TimeUtils Various utilities for manipulating and converting times, dates, and their string representations.
WeightedAverageFilter This filter produces an instantaneous (no memory) weighted average of its inputs.

Exception Summary

Package org.mbari.siam.utils Description

Various MOOS utility classes

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