Class DefaultCommandProvider

  extended by org.mbari.siam.utils.isiam.DefaultCommandProvider
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class DefaultCommandProvider
extends java.lang.Object
implements ICommandProvider

A provider of commands to dispatch NodeUtility subclasses. These commands are kept in the ~/isiam/nucmds file (where ~ represents the user's home directory). Each line in this files should be the full name of a subclass of NodeUtility. The contents of the nucmds file is initialized automatically with all the classes under the org.mbari.siam.operations.utils package that extend SIAM's NodeUtility. Note that the file can be edited manually. The automatic initialization occurs only if the file does not exist.


Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 java.util.List getCommands()
          Returns the list of ICommands provided by this provider.
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Constructor Detail


public DefaultCommandProvider()
Method Detail


public java.util.List getCommands()
Description copied from interface: ICommandProvider
Returns the list of ICommands provided by this provider.

Specified by:
getCommands in interface ICommandProvider

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