Package org.mbari.siam.tests.moos.deployed

Class Summary
DeviceLogTest JUnit test harness for testing DeviceLog and related classes.
NodeManagerTest JUnit test harness for testing NodeManager class.
NodeManagerTestMMC JUnit test harness for testing NodeManager class.
RetrievalTest This test appends packets to a DeviceLog.
SchedulerTest JUnit test harness for testing SiamProperties class.
SiamPropertiesTest JUnit test harness for testing SiamProperties class.
StatusReportTest JUnit test harness for testing StatusReport classes.
TestScheduleOwner TestScheduleOwner is a class to demonstrate the use of the Scheduler and related classes: - Scheduler: provides application global view of schedules, supporting operations like showSchedule and getNextScheduledJob - ScheduleTaskImpl: an implementation of ScheduleTask, which encapsulates scheduling timing and control - ScheduleSpecifier: cron-like representation of schedules - Scheduler.ScheduleKey: an inner class of Scheduler, a unique ScheduleOwnerID used in some contexts to resolve ownership of ScheduleTasks (e.g., to differentiate between two ScheduleTasks with the same name, owned by objects of the same class).
ThreadGroupTest This code demonsrates the use of ThreadGroups; these are used in NodeService to manage the group of SafeWorker threads used to put the instruments in safe mode; NodeService pends on the SafeWorker thread group before exiting.

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