Package org.mbari.siam.operations.portal

Classes to implement MOOS portal


Class Summary
AUVPortalService AUVPortalService provides a "bridge" between shore/shipboard networks and low-bandwidth links to AUVs.
MapTest Test Map collection stuff...
PacketStats Describe Device packet retrieval statistics.
Portal Portal is the "gateway" between clients on the local network, and a remote node server located on the far side of a low-bandwidth/intermittent connection.
PortalConnection PortalConnection provides the interface and maintains state for one connection to a SIAM node from which data is retrieved (aka "target" node").
PortalEvent PortalEvent
PortalSession PortalSession
PortalSocketFactory PortalSocketFactory creates client sockets that timeout more cleanly than the default RMI stuff
Profiler Help profile java apps by printing formatted messages to log4j.
SessionParameter SessionParameter
StreamClient StreamClient tests the Portal's DevicePacketStream interface.
StreamServer Test generation of DevicePackets and writing to DevicePacketOutputStream

Package org.mbari.siam.operations.portal Description

Classes to implement MOOS portal

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