Class SiamCombinedXYPlot

  extended by com.jrefinery.chart.Plot
      extended by com.jrefinery.chart.XYPlot
          extended by com.jrefinery.chart.CombinedXYPlot
              extended by org.mbari.siam.moos.utils.node.SiamCombinedXYPlot
All Implemented Interfaces:
AxisConstants, com.jrefinery.chart.event.AxisChangeListener, HorizontalValuePlot, VerticalValuePlot, DatasetChangeListener, java.beans.PropertyChangeListener, java.util.EventListener

public class SiamCombinedXYPlot
extends CombinedXYPlot

An extension of XYPlot that can contain multiple subplots, laid out horizontally or vertically.

This class was originally written by Bill Kelemen, and has since been modified extensively by David Gilbert.

Bill Kelemen (

Field Summary
Fields inherited from class com.jrefinery.chart.CombinedXYPlot
gap, HORIZONTAL, seriesCount, subPlotArea, subplots, totalWeight, type, VERTICAL
Fields inherited from class com.jrefinery.chart.XYPlot
domainAxis, horizontalColors, horizontalLines, parent, rangeAxis, renderer, verticalColors, verticalLines, weight
Fields inherited from class com.jrefinery.chart.Plot
backgroundAlpha, backgroundImage, backgroundPaint, dataset, DEFAULT_BACKGROUND_ALPHA, DEFAULT_BACKGROUND_PAINT, DEFAULT_FOREGROUND_ALPHA, DEFAULT_INSETS, DEFAULT_OUTLINE_PAINT, DEFAULT_OUTLINE_STROKE, firstSeriesIndex, foregroundAlpha, insets, listeners, MINIMUM_HEIGHT_TO_DRAW, MINIMUM_WIDTH_TO_DRAW, outlinePaint, outlineStroke, seriesOutlinePaint, seriesOutlineStroke, seriesPaint, seriesStroke, shapeFactory, ZERO
Fields inherited from interface com.jrefinery.chart.AxisConstants
Constructor Summary
SiamCombinedXYPlot(ValueAxis axis, int type)
          Creates a new MultiXYPlot.
Method Summary
 void draw(java.awt.Graphics2D g2, java.awt.geom.Rectangle2D plotArea, ChartRenderingInfo info)
          subclasses should call super and override specific behavior
 void zoom(double percent)
          A zoom method that does nothing.
Methods inherited from class com.jrefinery.chart.CombinedXYPlot
add, getDataset, getHorizontalDataRange, getLegendItemLabels, getNoSubPlot, getPlotType, getSubPlot, getVerticalDataRange, handleClick, isValidSubHorizontalAxis, isValidSubVerticalAxis, setHorizontalAxisHeight, setVerticalAxisWidth, test
Methods inherited from class com.jrefinery.chart.XYPlot
addHorizontalLine, addHorizontalLine, addVerticalLine, addVerticalLine, datasetChanged, draw, draw, drawHorizontalLine, drawHorizontalLines, drawVerticalLine, drawVerticalLines, getDomainAxis, getHorizontalAxis, getHorizontalValueAxis, getItemRenderer, getParent, getRangeAxis, getSeriesCount, getVerticalAxis, getVerticalValueAxis, getWeight, getXYDataset, handleClick, isCompatibleDomainAxis, isCompatibleRangeAxis, isSubplot, propertyChange, render, setDomainAxis, setParent, setRangeAxis, setWeight, setXYItemRenderer
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addChangeListener, axisChanged, drawOutlineAndBackground, getBackgroundAlpha, getBackgroundPaint, getDataset, getFirstSeriesIndex, getForegroundAlpha, getInsets, getOutlinePaint, getOutlineStroke, getSeriesOutlinePaint, getSeriesOutlineStroke, getSeriesPaint, getSeriesStroke, getShape, getShape, getShapeFactory, notifyListeners, removeChangeListener, setBackgroundAlpha, setBackgroundImage, setBackgroundPaint, setDataset, setFirstSeriesIndex, setForegroundAlpha, setInsets, setOutlinePaint, setOutlineStroke, setSeriesOutlinePaint, setSeriesOutlineStroke, setSeriesOutlineStroke, setSeriesPaint, setSeriesPaint, setSeriesStroke, setSeriesStroke, setShapeFactory
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Constructor Detail


public SiamCombinedXYPlot(ValueAxis axis,
                          int type)
Creates a new MultiXYPlot.

If the layout type is HORIZONTAL, you need to supply a vertical axis to be shared by the subplots. If the layout type is VERTICAL, you need to supply a horizontal axis to be shared by the subplots.

axis - The shared axis.
type - The layout type (HORIZONTAL or VERTICAL).
Method Detail


public void draw(java.awt.Graphics2D g2,
                 java.awt.geom.Rectangle2D plotArea,
                 ChartRenderingInfo info)
subclasses should call super and override specific behavior

draw in class CombinedXYPlot
g2 - The graphics device.
plotArea - The area within which the plot (including axis labels) should be drawn.
info - Information about the drawing.


public void zoom(double percent)
A zoom method that does nothing. TO BE DONE.

zoom in class CombinedXYPlot
percent - The zoom percentage.

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