Package org.mbari.siam.moos.utils.chart.graph

Class Summary
Axis This class controls the look and feel of axes.
BuildGraph This class will parse a description file and build a plot based on the instructions in the file.
Contour This class extends the interactive graphics class G2Dint to incorporate contouring.
DataSet This class is designed to hold the data to be plotted.
G2Dint This class is an extension of Graph2D class.
Graph2D This is the main plotting class.
IsoCurve This class will calculate the constant curve of a given value passing through a grid of values.
LoadData This class will load data (as a seperate thread) into a DataSet given a URL.
Markers This class installs, manipulates and draws markers.
ParseFunction This class will parse a function definition and solve it returning the value.
RTextLine This class is an extension of the TextLine Class that allows text to be rotated.
ScanString This class is similar to the ScanWord class, except it scans a string for keywords rather than an input stream.
ScanWord This class extends the StreamTokenizer class.
SpecialFunction This class contains physical constants and special functions not found in the java.lang.Math class.
TextLine This class is designed to bundle together all the information required to draw short Strings with subscripts and superscripts
VectorSet This class is designed to hold vectors to be plotted.

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