Package org.mbari.siam.moos.deployed

Class Summary
DpaBoard This version of DpaBoard was submitted by B.
DpaPresentPowerPort This implementation of the PowerPort interface is used as a placeholder, to indicate that the "DPA" string is present in siamPort.cfg.
EnvironmentDiagnostics Encapsulate node's environmmental diagnostics.
LddMaster LddMaster provides an application level interface to the StrongARM LDD IO pins, which are similar to GPIO pins, except that they have no interrupt capabilities.
MOOSNetworkManager MOOSNetworkManager includes methods to manage power and communications on the MOOS deployed network.
MOOSNodeConfigurator MOOSNodeConfigurator encapsulates the configuration of hardware-dependent components for MOOS
MOOSNodeProperties MOOSNodeProperties contains properties for a MOOSNode.
MOOSNodeService MOOSNodeService implements the MOOSNode interface, and manages multiple Devices (including Instruments).
MOOSPortManager MOOSPortManager implements PortManager for MOOS hardware (MOOS Mooring Controller, Dual Power Adapters, etc)
MOOSSleepManager MOOSSleepManager extends the default implementation of the SleepManager by adding some hardware re-initialization after sleep.
MOOSWDTManager MOOSWDTManager extends the default implementation of the WDTManager with hardware specific implementation

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