Package org.mbari.siam.distributed.platform

Classes and interfaces common to all ISI host platforms.


Interface Summary
ManagedTask ManagedTasks register with and are managed by a TaskManager.
PortService Interface for services which interact with a device through a CommPort interface.
TaskManager TaskManager "manages" a group of ManagedTask objects.

Class Summary
PortServiceClassLoader Load PortService class from jar file.
PuckInputStream The PuckInputStream constructor needs an input and output stream to a device that supports the puck serial protocol.
PuckOutputStream The PuckOutputStream is used to store binary data on the pucks non volatile memory.
PuckUtils The PuckUtils class provides various methods to manipulate the puck such as erasing the non volitale memory and putting it into pass through mode.

Package org.mbari.siam.distributed.platform Description

Classes and interfaces common to all ISI host platforms.

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