Class PrintingListener

  extended by org.mbari.siam.distributed.jini.PrintingListener
All Implemented Interfaces:
java.util.EventListener, net.jini.discovery.DiscoveryListener

public class PrintingListener
extends java.lang.Object
implements net.jini.discovery.DiscoveryListener

DiscoveryListener, which prints out basic info about discovered ServiceRegistrar.

Tom O'Reilly

Field Summary
protected  net.jini.discovery.DiscoveryManagement _discMgmt
Constructor Summary
PrintingListener(net.jini.discovery.DiscoveryManagement discMgmt)
          PrintingListener keeps a handle to DiscoveryManagement instance.
Method Summary
 void discarded(net.jini.discovery.DiscoveryEvent event)
          Print out details of discarded lookup service.
 void discovered(net.jini.discovery.DiscoveryEvent event)
          Print out some simple debugging information.
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Field Detail


protected net.jini.discovery.DiscoveryManagement _discMgmt
Constructor Detail


public PrintingListener(net.jini.discovery.DiscoveryManagement discMgmt)
PrintingListener keeps a handle to DiscoveryManagement instance. This DiscoveryManagement object is discarded if the associated lookup service lookup services raises exceptions, allowing it to be rediscovered later.

discMgmt - represents newly discovered lookup service
Method Detail


public void discovered(net.jini.discovery.DiscoveryEvent event)
Print out some simple debugging information.

Specified by:
discovered in interface net.jini.discovery.DiscoveryListener


public void discarded(net.jini.discovery.DiscoveryEvent event)
Print out details of discarded lookup service.

Specified by:
discarded in interface net.jini.discovery.DiscoveryListener

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