Package org.mbari.siam.distributed.jddac

Classes derived from Java Distributed Data Acquisition and Control (JDDAC)


Class Summary
ArgXmlConverter Encodes and decodes ArgArray and Vector objects into/from XML.
DeviceLogBlock For loging summary packets
DummyBlock Created by IntelliJ IDEA.
FilterByKeyFunction Removes all elements from an ArgArray whos keys are not in the AllowedKeys list
InstrumentBlock Deprecated. Used InstrumentServiceBlock instead
InstrumentDeviceLogBlock Deprecated. Use DeviceLogBlock instead
InstrumentServiceBlock The InstrumentServiceBlock provides functions that operate on a
InstrumentSummaryBlock Deprecated. Used SummaryBlock instead
MutableInteger Wrap a primitive integer into an Object, provide methods to modify integer's value.
MutableIntegerArray This class holds an array of primitive int values; these values can be modified.
MutableIntegerArrayFilter This filter refuses if any Objects that are not Measurements with a VALUE of a MutableIntegerArray are in the ArgArray.
ParserBlock This InstrumentServiceBlock includes a ParserFunction by default.
ParserFunction Created by IntelliJ IDEA.
SiamMeasurement SiamMeasurement extends JDDAC Measurement.
SiamRecord SiamRecord extends JDDAC Record.
SiamRecordFilter This filter checks that an ArgArray is an instanceof SiamRecord and that the SiamRecord contains at least one Measurement
SummaryBlock Created by IntelliJ IDEA.

Package org.mbari.siam.distributed.jddac Description

Classes derived from Java Distributed Data Acquisition and Control (JDDAC)

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