Interface Safeable

All Known Implementing Classes:
Aquadopp, Aquadopp, DigiWorkhorseADCP, DummyInstrument, DummySummarizer, SBE16plus, SBE19plus, SBE37, SimulatedVector, SimulatedVector, VarDummyInstrument, Vector, Vector, WetLabsECO, WetLabsTriplet, WorkhorseADCP

public interface Safeable

Safeable interface is implemented by instruments that can operate in a resource-restricted environment ("safe mode") as well as the nominal environment ("normal mode"). A Safeable instrument is restored to "normal" operation by re-starting or re-scanning the service.

Method Summary
 void enterSafeMode()
          Enter mode for resource-restricted environement.

Method Detail


void enterSafeMode()
                   throws java.lang.Exception
Enter mode for resource-restricted environement.


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