Class NodeSessionInfo

  extended by org.mbari.siam.distributed.NodeSessionInfo
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class NodeSessionInfo
extends java.lang.Object

NodeSessionInfo contains information returned by the node at the start of a "telemetry" session, including list of the node's ports, subnodes and other information. Note: applications using this object must check boolean values within the object to determine whether errors occurred while renewing the node watchdog timer or executing the initial command command script.

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Field Summary
 boolean _initCommandError
 byte[] _initCommandStatus
          Initial connection command status
 long _nodeID
          Node ID
 Port[] _ports
          Node ports
 long _startTimeMsec
          Time at which node service started
 Subnode[] _subnodes
 boolean _wdtError
 byte[] _wdtStatus
          Watchdog timer status
Constructor Summary
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Field Detail


public long _nodeID
Node ID


public long _startTimeMsec
Time at which node service started


public Port[] _ports
Node ports


public Subnode[] _subnodes


public byte[] _wdtStatus
Watchdog timer status


public boolean _wdtError


public byte[] _initCommandStatus
Initial connection command status


public boolean _initCommandError
Constructor Detail


public NodeSessionInfo()

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