Package org.mbari.siam.devices.nortek.vector

Interface Summary
AquadoppIF Remote interface to interact with Nortek Aquadopp instrument service.

Class Summary
Aquadopp Instrument service for Aquadopp current profiler.
ConfigView $Id:,v 1.1 2010/04/02 21:03:47 oreilly Exp $
DataStructure Data structure represents data generated by the Aquadopp, and includes method to read the data.
DevicePacketParser Parse raw data into JDDAC Records.
FileAllocationTable Represents the instrument's file allocation table.
HardwareConfiguration Hardware configuration data.
HRProfilerData Profiler velocity data
InstrumentConfiguration Configuration data.
NortekFileBuilder Build a Nortek profiler data file, readable by AquaPro processing software, from SIAM packet inputs.
ProfilerVelocityData Profiler velocity data
RecorderUtility Nortek Aquadopp recorder utility.
SimulatedVector Instrument service for Simlulated Nortek Vector velocimeter
Vector Instrument service for Aquadopp current profiler.
VectorPacketParser Parses SIAM data packets for Nortek Vector ADV.
VectorSystemData Vector System data
VectorVelocityData Vector Velocity data

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