Class DevicePacketParser

  extended by org.mbari.siam.distributed.DevicePacketParser
      extended by org.mbari.siam.devices.nortek.DevicePacketParser
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class DevicePacketParser
extends DevicePacketParser

Parse raw data into JDDAC Records. Usage:

  // We have an InstrumentConfiguration object already instantiated. We need this
  // confguration object in order to correctly parse data packets. The configuratio
  // object tells us the number of beams and cells that each data packet represents.
  DevicePacketParser parser = new DevicePacketParser()
  ArgArray siamRecord = parser.parse(sensorDataPacket);  // Actually an SiamRecord which is a subclass of ArgArray

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Field Summary
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Constructor Summary
DevicePacketParser(InstrumentConfiguration instrumentConfiguration)
Method Summary
 InstrumentConfiguration getInstrumentConfiguration()
          Gets the InstrumentConfiguration object used for parsing Velocity data
protected  void parseFields(DevicePacket packet)
          Parse raw data from DevicePacket, fill in _record appropriately.
 void setInstrumentConfiguration(InstrumentConfiguration instrumentConfiguration)
          Set the InstrumentConfiguration object used for parsing Velocity data.
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Constructor Detail


public DevicePacketParser()


public DevicePacketParser(InstrumentConfiguration instrumentConfiguration)
Method Detail


protected void parseFields(DevicePacket packet)
                    throws java.lang.Exception
Parse raw data from DevicePacket, fill in _record appropriately.

Specified by:
parseFields in class DevicePacketParser


public InstrumentConfiguration getInstrumentConfiguration()
Gets the InstrumentConfiguration object used for parsing Velocity data

The surrently set InstrumentConfiguration


public void setInstrumentConfiguration(InstrumentConfiguration instrumentConfiguration)
Set the InstrumentConfiguration object used for parsing Velocity data. This object is required in order to correctly resolve the number of beams and cells in the data.

instrumentConfiguration - The congiguration used for parsing the beam data.

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