Class DNSAdvertiser

  extended by org.mbari.siam.dataTurbine.DNSAdvertiser
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public class DNSAdvertiser
extends java.lang.Object

DNSAdvertiser advertises the DataTurbine Service to DNSSD

Field Summary
protected  java.lang.String _instrumentMnemonic
protected  java.lang.String _instrumentName
          Unique instrument instance name
protected  java.lang.String _sourceLocationName
protected _zeroConfService
          ZeroConf registration for OSDT source
Constructor Summary
DNSAdvertiser(java.lang.String instrumentName, java.lang.String sourceLocationName, java.lang.String instrumentMnemonic)
          Create the DNSAdvertiser
Method Summary
protected  void advertiseService(java.lang.String dtHostName, int dtHostPort, long rcdType, java.util.HashMap channels)
          Advertise OSDT source with ZeroConf
 void close()
          Close the ZeroConf service
 void operationFailed( service, int errorCode)
          RegisterListener method
 void serviceRegistered( registration, int flags, java.lang.String serviceName, java.lang.String regType, java.lang.String domain)
          RegisterListener method
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Field Detail


protected java.lang.String _sourceLocationName


protected java.lang.String _instrumentName
Unique instrument instance name


protected java.lang.String _instrumentMnemonic


protected _zeroConfService
ZeroConf registration for OSDT source

Constructor Detail


public DNSAdvertiser(java.lang.String instrumentName,
                     java.lang.String sourceLocationName,
                     java.lang.String instrumentMnemonic)
Create the DNSAdvertiser

Method Detail


public void close()
Close the ZeroConf service


protected void advertiseService(java.lang.String dtHostName,
                                int dtHostPort,
                                long rcdType,
                                java.util.HashMap channels)
Advertise OSDT source with ZeroConf


public void serviceRegistered( registration,
                              int flags,
                              java.lang.String serviceName,
                              java.lang.String regType,
                              java.lang.String domain)
RegisterListener method

Specified by:
serviceRegistered in interface


public void operationFailed( service,
                            int errorCode)
RegisterListener method

Specified by:
operationFailed in interface

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