Interface IFunction

All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractStatsFunction, AggregateFunction, CoallateByMeasurementNameFunction, FilterByKeyFunction, FilterByMeasurementNameFunction, Log4jFunction, MeanStatsFunction, MutableIntegerArrayStatsFunction, NumberStatsFunction, ParserFunction, RelayFunction

public interface IFunction

Functions can be added to a RelayBlock as follows:

 // Create a function
 IFunction function = new IFunction() {
     public ArgArray execute(ArgArray argArray) {
          System.out.println("I'm just passing through");
          return argArray

 // Create an ArgArray to hold the function and pass it into process.
 // OpIdToExecuteFunction is the OpId that must be passed to process in order
 // to trigger the execution of the function. OpIdPassedToChildrenWithResult
 // is the OpId that is passed to all children of the relay block, along with 
 // the output of the function. Essentially all children will have a call made 
 // as: process(OpIdPassedToChildrenWithResult, argArrayOutputFromFunction)
 // REMEMBER: OpId's are Strings!!
 ArgArray argArray = new ArgArray();
 argArray.put(IFunction.OPID_IN, OpIdToExecuteFunction)
 argArray.put(IFunction.OPID_OUT, OpIdPassedToChilderenWithResult)
 argArray.put(IFunction.KEY, function)

 RelayBlock block = new RelayBlock();
 block.process(RelayBlock.OpIdAddFunction, argArray);

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Field Summary
static java.lang.String KEY
static java.lang.String OPID_IN
static java.lang.String OPID_OUT
Method Summary execute( argArray)

Field Detail


static final java.lang.String KEY
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Constant Field Values


static final java.lang.String OPID_IN
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Constant Field Values


static final java.lang.String OPID_OUT
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Constant Field Values
Method Detail

execute execute( argArray)

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