Class FunctionFactory

  extended by org.mbari.jddac.FunctionFactory

public class FunctionFactory
extends java.lang.Object

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Constructor Summary
Method Summary
static createFunctionArg(java.lang.String opIdIn, java.lang.String opIdOut, IFunction function)
          Wraps a function so that it can function as input to a RelayBlock.
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Constructor Detail


public FunctionFactory()
Method Detail


public static createFunctionArg(java.lang.String opIdIn,
                                                                    java.lang.String opIdOut,
                                                                    IFunction function)
Wraps a function so that it can function as input to a RelayBlock. This method is equivalent to calling
 ArgArray argArray = new ArgArray();
 argArray.put(IFunction.OPID_IN, opIdIn);
 argArray.put(IFunction.OPID_OUT, opIdOut);
 argArray.put(IFunction.KEY, function);

opIdIn - This is the OpID string passed into the process method of a RelayBlock that would trigger the function to execute
opIdOut - This is the OpId String that will be passed on to all the child RelayBlocks along with the results of the function
function - The function to be executed
A function wrapped for input into a RelayBlock

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