Class Size2D

  extended by com.jrefinery.ui.Size2D

public class Size2D
extends java.lang.Object

A simple class for representing the dimensions of an object. I would use Dimension2D, but refer to Bug ID 4189446 on the Java Developer Connection for why not (last checked 20 July 2000, maybe it's been fixed now).

Field Summary
 double height
          The height;
 double width
          The width;
Constructor Summary
Size2D(double width, double height)
          Standard constructor - builds a Size2D with the specified width and height.
Method Summary
 double getHeight()
          Returns the height;
 double getWidth()
          Returns the width;
Methods inherited from class java.lang.Object
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Field Detail


public double width
The width;


public double height
The height;

Constructor Detail


public Size2D(double width,
              double height)
Standard constructor - builds a Size2D with the specified width and height.

width - The width;
height - The height;
Method Detail


public double getHeight()
Returns the height;


public double getWidth()
Returns the width;

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