Date classes.


Interface Summary
MonthConstants Useful constants for months.

Class Summary
AnnualDateRule The base class for all 'annual' date rules: that is, rules for generating one date for any given year.
DayAndMonthRule An annual date rule where the generated date always falls on the same day and month each year.
DayOfWeekInMonthRule An annual date rule that specifies the nth day of the week in a given month (e.g.
EasterSundayRule An annual date rule for Easter (Sunday).
RelativeDayOfWeekRule An annual date rule that returns a date for each year based on (a) a reference rule; (b) a day of the week; and (c) a selection parameter (SerialDate.PRECEDING, SerialDate.NEAREST, SerialDate.FOLLOWING).
SerialDate An abstract class that defines our requirements for manipulating dates, without tying down a particular implementation.
SerialDateUtilities A utility class that provides a number of useful methods (some static).
SpreadsheetDate Represents a date using an integer, in a similar fashion to the implementation in Microsoft Excel.

Package Description

Date classes.

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