Class EasterSundayRule

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public class EasterSundayRule
extends AnnualDateRule
implements java.lang.Cloneable

An annual date rule for Easter (Sunday). The algorithm used here was obtained from a Calendar FAQ which can be found at: It is based on an algorithm by Oudin (1940) and quoted in "Explanatory Supplement to the Astronomical Almanac", P. Kenneth Seidelmann, editor.

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 SerialDate getDate(int year)
          Returns the date of Easter Sunday for the given year.
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Constructor Detail


public EasterSundayRule()
Method Detail


public SerialDate getDate(int year)
Returns the date of Easter Sunday for the given year. See the class description for the source of the algorithm.

This method supports the AnnualDateRule interface.

Specified by:
getDate in class AnnualDateRule
The date for this rule, given the year.

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