Interface XYZDataset

All Superinterfaces:
Dataset, SeriesDataset, XYDataset
All Known Subinterfaces:

public interface XYZDataset
extends XYDataset

The interface through which JFreeChart obtains data in the form of (x, y, z) items - used for XY and XYZ plots.

Method Summary
 java.lang.Number getZValue(int series, int item)
          Returns the z-value for the specified series and item.
Methods inherited from interface
getItemCount, getXValue, getYValue
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getSeriesCount, getSeriesName
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addChangeListener, removeChangeListener

Method Detail


java.lang.Number getZValue(int series,
                           int item)
Returns the z-value for the specified series and item.

series - The series (zero-based index).
item - The item (zero-based index).

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