System Requirements

Parameter Requirement Notes
Operating System Linux (32-bit): Red Hat, Debian, Intrynsic
Mac OS X: 10.5
Windows XP (32-bit): (requires Cygwin)
Hard Disk Space Approximately 260 MB of hard disk space for development system
Approximately 20 MB of hard disk space on target
Memory 64 MB RAM minimum, 512 GB or more recommended -
Processor StrongARM SA1110 33 MHz
Lippert Cool Runner PC-104
Reasonably modern Intel-based Mac/PC
Network Network connection is optional (may be run stand-alone as a logger), but in general is used over a network.
SIAM may be run over fairly low-bandwidth links, depending on telemetry volumes; for example, a 7200 bps Globalstar link with 30% availability has been used to return 5-20 MB/day.