setProperty nodeURL port name="value" [name="value"...]


The setProperty utility sets one or more SIAM instrument service property values of the service running on the specified node and port. Each property setting as specified as a 'key=value' pair. If a whitespace must be included in the key=value string, the entire string must be enclosed by single or double quotes. Multiple key=value pairs may be specifed in a single invocation of setProperty.

One or more invocations of the setProperty utility should be followed by restartPort to ensure that new property settings take effect.

For example, to set several property values for the service running on /dev/ttySX11 on the "surface" node:

setProperty surface /dev/ttySX11 powerPolicy=ALWAYS
setProperty surface /dev/ttySX11 defaultSkipInterval=-1
restartPort surface /dev/ttySX11


Option Description Values
nodeURL IP address or host name of SIAM node e.g.,
portName Name of instrument port (or alias) defined in siamPort.cfg /dev/ttyS8, COM1, /dev/tty.KeySerial_1

Example output:

					setProperty localhost /dev/tty.KeySerial1 powerPolicy=NEVER
					main() - args.length=3
					SIAM version $Name:  $
					NOTE: property change will take effect when restartPort is executed


The following environment variables must be set:

Variable Description Example
JAVA_HOME location of Java installation
/j9, /opt/java/jdk1.3.1, etc.
JAVA Path to JVM command For MMC

For Sun JVM (e.g. linux, win32, mac OS)
SIAM_HOME top of the SIAM directory tree -
SIAM_CLASSPATH Path including all SIAM and supporting classes For MMC

For linux/win32

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