node portalHost [debugLevel]


The node utility runs a SIAM node application on the localhost. The node contains a NodeService and InstrumentService distributed objects which are accessible across the network to other utilities such as listPorts, shutdownPort, and scanPort.


Option Description Values
portalHost IP address or host name of SIAM portal e.g.,
debugLevel log4j debug output level ERROR, WARN, INFO, DEBUG

Example output: output from the node application is redirected to a log file:


where nodeName is the hostname (from /etc/hostname) and yyyymmddhhmm is the date and time when the node was started.


The following environment variables must be set:

Variable Description Example
JAVA_HOME location of Java installation
/j9, /opt/java/jdk1.3.1, etc.
JAVA Path to JVM command For MMC

For Sun JVM (e.g. linux, win32, mac OS)
SIAM_HOME top of the SIAM directory tree -
SIAM_CLASSPATH Path including all SIAM and supporting classes For MMC

For linux/win32

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