getLastSample nodeURL portName [portName...]


The getLastSample utility retrieves the most recent data sample from the instrument service on the specified port(s) of the specified SIAM node, without actually triggering acquisition of a new sample from the instrument itself. getLastSample then displays the resulting data sample.


Option Description Values
nodeURL IP address or host name of SIAM node e.g.,, localhost
portName Name of instrument port (or alias) defined in siamPort.cfg /dev/ttyS8, COM1, /dev/tty.KeySerial_1

Example output:

samplePort /dev/ttyS8
SIAM version $Name:  $
Elmo Thruster Controller:
parentID=1726, recordType=1
devid=1728, t=1285734310478, seqNo=1697773, mdref=1377345

The data returned may also include parsed or processed data if the instrument service sampled has a built-in parser, for example:

name: motor1 string
encoderVelocity: 0 counts/sec
joggingVelocity: 0 counts/sec
statusRegister: 100680000 bit field (integer)
faultRegister: 12288 bit field (long)
turnSensorState: DISABLED state
turnSensorCount: -1 triggers
turnSensorTime: 1285734310479 ms
Drive Read: ok
Drive Status: ok
Motor ON (MO): false
Reference Mode (RM): interpreter/user program
Motor Failure Latched: true


The following environment variables must be set:

Variable Description Example
JAVA_HOME location of Java installation
/j9, /opt/java/jdk1.3.1, etc.
JAVA Path to JVM command For MMC

For Sun JVM (e.g. linux, win32, mac OS)
SIAM_HOME top of the SIAM directory tree -
SIAM_CLASSPATH Path including all SIAM and supporting classes For MMC

For linux/win32

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