About SIAM site documention

This is a site for testing proposed HTML and CSS styles for SIAM software documentation.

The basic idea is to use a framework for SIAM software documentation that enables

Without spending too much time fussing over formatting.
It is an initial iteration along the spectrum of simplicity and capability...

To that end, a few simple style sheets have been developed for navigation, general content, along with formats tailored for man pages and HOWTO docs.
This page, for example, uses the content style.
These are combined with a limited number of 3rd-party CSS/javascript navigation widgets that are also easy to use and configure.

The HTML templates may be found in SIAM_HOME/docs/siam-site/src
The CSS files may be found in SIAM_HOME/docs/siam-site/css
Each HTML template contains comments that help to know what to edit.

Let me know what you think...

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