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Workshop Notes

Below are links to notes taken during the workshop to aid in planning and writing of the workshop report.

Day 1

See the presentation page for talks given on Day 1.

Day 2

External Interface Requirements 

Working Group Session I White Board Notes: This is a list of mostly undefined terminology captured during the session.

Working Group Session I Notes: These are notes taken by Kent Headley throughout Day 2 (including Session 1).

Working Group Session I Presentation - Wet Side

Working Group Session II Notes: These are notes taken by Kevin Gomes and include notes covering Days 1 and 2 (including  Session II).

Working Group Session II Presentation - Dry Side

General Infrastructure Requirements

Workshop Recommendations: Notes from the afternoon plenary session taken by Kent Headley, which includes the workshop recommendations table constructed during afternoon discussions.

Current Ocean Observatory Reference Model (provided by Andy Maffei)

Revised Ocean Observatory Reference Model (provided by Andy Maffei)

Day 3

Writing Assignments/Breakout Sessions

Breakout Requirements Template

Overall Description

Observatory Management


Data and Metadata

Policy Demands and Issues

Object Model Concept

Internet Extended

Plug In Sequence









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