The ocean provides many vital services to humans—food, climate buffering, transportation, and leisure—but it isn’t immune to human activities.

Overfishing, plastic pollution, noise, and climate change all have serious, long-term, and far-reaching consequences for the ocean and the life that calls it home. The ocean is becoming louder, warmer, more acidic, and depleted of oxygen. These changes put additional stress on marine wildlife, everything from tiny zooplankton to gargantuan whales.

MBARI researchers are using novel tools and techniques to better understand how human actions impact ocean life. We have much more to learn about the ocean—the treasures it holds, the role it plays in sustaining all life, and the importance and urgency of protecting it for future generations.

All life on Earth depends on a healthy ocean. MBARI’s work is critical to understanding the urgent threats facing the ocean. These teams and projects are studying the effects of human activities on the ocean.

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