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Below are links to material for workshop preparation and general information about ocean observing systems.

NSF Documents

NSF Project Proposal
(Please see the references section at the end of this document for additional sources of information.)

NSF Program Solicitation: Sensors and Sensor Networks

MARS Documentation

MARS Cabled Observatory User Requirements (Last Revised 3/22/04)

MARS Cabled Observatory Design Requirements - Rev. A (Last Revised 6/18/04)


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SCOTS Report


Monterey Accelerated Research System (MARS) 

Data Management and Archiving Systems (DMAS) Technology


         See DMAC under Data Subsystem on the home page for:

Data Interoperability






Quality Assurance of Real-Time Ocean Data (QARTOD)

Workshop Report


Workshop Website

Data Grids








Smart Sensor Standards (IEEE 1451)


            IEEE 1451 Standard           


            Overview article on 1451 

Smart Sensor Power Point Presentation from CMU

            Smart Sensor White paper  

Existing Observatory and Infrastructure Efforts






SIAM Oceans 2001 Paper



Other Recommended Websites from Workshop

Chemical and Biological Sensors for Time-Series Research: Current Status and New DIrections (Daly et al. 2004)

Instruments and Sensors as as Network Services: Making Instruments First Class Members of the Grid (Bramley et al.)

Representational State Transfer (REST)

Overview of REST Principles

MTS Journal Publications:

An integrated approach to ocean observatory data acquisition/management and infrastructue control using web services 

Cabled ocean observatory systems

Enabling Ocean Research in the 21st Century: Implementation of a Network of Ocean Observatories

National Science Foundation Ocean Observatories Initiative (OOI)
(Download a copy of the OOI brochure at the Geo Prose website.)

NEPTUNE Science Planning Documents

MBARI Ocean Observing System (MOOS)


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