Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute

2014 projects

Vehicle enhancements and upgrades

Long-Range Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (LRAUV) Coordinated Observations

Project lead: Jim Bellingham
Project manager: Brett Hobson

Completion ot the third LRAUV vehicle and its sampling systems will allow the team to begin testing concepts for Lagrangian observations of microbial communities. A goal is to extend the LRAUV's endurance so that it can stay on station longer and enhance economical operations.

LRAUV Verification Imager

Project leads: Jim Bellingham, Mark Chaffey, Brett Hobson
Project manager: Mark Chaffey

This feasibility study will determine the scientific requirements for lighting on the long-range AUV and will investigate suitable camera and lighting options.

Miniature Remotely Operated Vehicle

Project leads: Dale Graves, Charles Paull
Project manager: Alana Sherman

Improvements to the small flyaway ROV continue, including acquiring an ultrashort baseline (USBL) positioning system for navigation.

Ocean Imaging

Project leads: Dave Caress, Charles Paull
Project manager: Dave Caress

This project aims to develop four-dimensional imaging capabilities by integrating off-the-shelf sonar and camera sensors on our ROVs and AUVs. The plans for 2014 are to integrate a leased Lidar system in the ocean-imaging survey system and engage potential science users. Navigation using real-time vision and the local terrain will be used for repeat mapping of sites in Monterey Canyon using ROV Doc Ricketts. The team will also scope requirements for an autonomous survey platform for areas with steep and rugged terrain.

Precision Control of ROVs and AUVs

Project manager: Steve Rock

MBARI adjunct Steve Rock and his graduate students at Stanford University will refine and test their software tools to enable real-time, terrain-relative navigation for use on MBARI remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) and autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs). Their software allows a vehicle to navigate by itself using its sonar system and a stored map acquired previously from another system such as the AUV D. Allan B. Their objective is to demonstrate the use of terrain-relative navigation for return-to-site missions.

Ventana Control System Upgrade

Project lead: Mike Risi
Project manager: Craig Dawe

To upgrade Ventana's outdated control system, the project team will replace existing ROV control room system elecronics, hardware, and software, as well as subsea control electronics to utilize existing peripherals.

Last updated: Feb. 03, 2015