Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute

2014 projects

Upper-ocean biogeochemistry

Ecology and Dynamics of Picophytoeukaryotes

Project leads: Sebastian Sudek, Alexandra Z. Worden
Project manager: Alexandra Z. Worden
Project website

Alex Worden's lab will continue research to identify picoplankton genes for physiological stress and health. The team will focus on quantifying the diversity and abundance of the picoeukaryotic community.

Molecular Ecology of Marine and Aquatic Organisms

Project lead: Bob Vrijenhoek
Project manager: Shannon Johnson Williams

Bob Vrijenhoek’s research group will focus on sampling zooplankton in Monterey and Bodega Bays. They will also explore and sample hydrocarbon seeps in Southern California.

Monterey Bay Time Series

Project lead: Francisco Chavez
Project manager: Tim Pennington
Project website

The Monterey Bay Time Series utilizes moorings, drifters, gliders, AUVs, ships, satellites, and models to study ocean ecosystem variability and climate change.

Last updated: Jan. 23, 2014